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  applying machine learning to extract future

  trends from an extreme mashup of dozens

  of large-scale governmental microdata sets...



Recent presentations  


"Change, Disruption and Opportunity in a New Economic Reality," Urban Land Institute, April 2016


"Peering Around the Corner: The Future of Master Planned Communities," Philadelphia 


"The Back Half of the 2010s: What Will Reshape Urban Development?" Philadelphia


"Keynote Conversation with James Chung, Reach Advisors," DC


"Market Growth, Decline, and Private Equity," New York City


"5 Trends and the Future of Public Science," Montreal


"The Assortive Economy," New York City


"The Future of History," Atlanta


"How America Lives, Plays and Buys: The Rest of the Decade," Washington DC 


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In the news


"Sometimes an Economic Analyst Just Has to Upset the Apple Cart," The Wichita Eagle (2016)


"Museums Lure a New Generation of Patrons Through Their Stomachs," Fast Company (2016)


"Home Sweet Home Museum Changes Its Tune," The New York Times (2016)


"Placemaking on the Pike," Urban Land (2016)


"Three Essential Stats for Marketing to Women,"  Forbes (2015)


"Docents Gone Wild," The Wall Street Journal (2015)


"Museums Turn to Technology to Boost Attendance by Millennials," The New York Times (2015)


"Many are Unprepared for a Downturn," Los Angeles Times (2005)


Past publications 

"The 2010s as the Decade of Total Wellness: Future Implications for Tourism," TTRA Europe (2010)

"Demographics in the Post-Crash Environment," Urban Land (2010)

"Life Stages of the Museum Visitor," AAM Press (2009)

"Golden Goose or Ticking Time Bomb? Resort Real Estate Development," National Ski Areas Association Journal (2006)