Reach Advisors is a NY-based strategy, research, and predictive analytics firm focused on emerging shifts in the external landscape. Our work serves a variety of sectors confronting a changing customer base, or major strategic bets requiring more accurate insight into how the market will evolve in the future. 


The Reach Advisors team serves some of the largest and most innovative organizations involved in sectors such as community and economic development, tourism and resorts, museums and cultural institutions, higher education, healthy living, financial marketplaces, and other fields undergoing significant shifts or making major strategic bets.

Reach Advisors was founded in 2002 by James Chung, driven by his prior frustration as a client searching for game-changing insight. Despite tapping into a sizeable budget that bought the services of the top research and strategic forecasting organizations in America, he found their work to be like looking in a rear-view mirror. He simply could not find advisors who could pick apart the key drivers for future shifts, deliver truly strategic work grounded in operational reality, and set a course leading to the intended impact. Reach Advisors was created to fill that need for strategic change, driven by data rather than guesswork, with the end goal of maximizing tangible impact for the client.


Why do the leaders and top innovators in those fields turn to Reach Advisors to address their most challenging issues? Here are five reasons to start:

  • We are not generalists… we have invested heavily in developing industry-leading insight for the sectors that we serve, and in making that insight practical for clients to address their most challenging issues and biggest opportunities.

  • We are not narrow… we bring insight from across the consumer landscape on how audiences are shifting their allocation of discretionary time and budgets.

  • We are not black & white… while we are intensely data driven, we also understand the shifting nuances of consumer attitudes and behaviors that factor into the equation

  • We are not just analysts… all senior team members have been on the client side managing budgets, outcomes, and staff, and understand how potential processes and strategies have to mesh with organizational realities and capabilities.

  • The bottom line: We don’t deliver reports… we deliver impact and systemic change.

Thank you for checking us out, and we invite you to learn more about our backgrounds, presentations, publications, news coverage about our work, and working with us.