Reach Advisors Team


James Chung


James Chung is the President of Reach Advisors, a NY-based strategy, research and predictive analytics firm focused on emerging shifts in the external landscape. James serves some of the nation’s largest organizations involved in community development and economic development, tourism and resorts, healthy living, museums and cultural institutions, higher education, and other fields undergoing significant change or confronting major bets about the future.

James founded Reach Advisors in 2002, following his experience as a client searching for game-changing insight. Despite tapping into a sizeable budget that bought the services of the top research and strategic forecasting organizations in America, he found their work to be like looking in a rear-view mirror. He simply could not find advisors who could pick apart the key drivers for future shifts, deliver truly strategic work grounded in operational reality, and set a course leading to the intended impact. Reach Advisors was created to fill that need for strategic change, driven by data rather than guesswork, with the end goal of maximizing tangible impact for the client.

Before launching Reach Advisors, James founded a targeted media and research firm that was eventually acquired by a division of a Fortune 200 company. Prior to that, he served at Leo Burnett, one of the nation’s leading advertising agencies, where he helped one of the world’s largest marketers deploy advanced marketing analytics and plan for how the next decade in media would unfold.

James shares insights regularly as a featured speaker at many of the national and international conferences for the fields that he serves. He is also a writer, analyst, and recurring source for media organizations ranging from The New York Times, The Wall Street JournalNPR, and NBC Nightly News, among many others. He is also the co-author of Life Stages of the Museum Visitor, published in 2009 by AAM Press. James earned his AB and MBA degrees from Harvard, and resides in northern New York.


Others on the Reach Advisors team include:

Sally Johnstone, Senior Analyst

Susie Wilkening, Senior Consultant and Curator of Museum Audiences