Michael Clawar


  Michael Clawar has been involved with Reach Advisors since 2012, and is now

  a co-founder of StratoDem Analytics, a data science firm producing the

  nation's most accurate local-market economic and demographic analysis and



  At Reach Advisors, Michael pioneered some of the firm's work in economic

  demography.  Real estate clients have deployed his analysis to understand

  where demand growth will still outstrip supply growth (in order to direct more 

  productive investment), as well as where demand growth will turn downwards

  (prompting exits at market peak before the rest of  the industry understands

  upcoming market shifts). Private equity clients have deployed his analysis

  to sharpen their investment theses and capital deployment, as well as avoid major losses by redirecting pre-existing investment theses before market conditions turn.  


Michael graduated from Boston University with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and economics and a master's degree in statistics.