Are we the right firm?


The strategy, research, and predictive analytics work of Reach Advisors combines innovative quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, probing analysis of demographic and market data, and strong strategic and tactical grounding to deliver insight that translates into specific action and impact.


We may be the right firm to help you tackle your most challenging issues that demand something well beyond basic research, but we would like to be up front about two topics that often arise in discussions with prospective clients:


We commit to providing our clients with the highest level of analysis and insight, and therefore we limit the number of engagements we accept because senior staff members personally drive most of the research as well as analytical work.  While this is not necessarily the most profit-maximizing approach for us in the short term, one of the hallmarks of our work is the depth of understanding we bring to our clients and their specific issues.  Over the long-term, it works.  Our clients see impact in ways they've never seen from this kind of work, and 80% of our business comes via referrals from past clients.


Given the complexity of the issues we address, we use multiple paths to triangulate our analysis and develop conclusions with the highest levels of confidence, and we’re custom-building each engagement rather than using a cookie-cutter process.  As a result, most engagements take three to four months. While some of our engagements are completed within four months, some more in-depth engagements are multi-year projects.  Length of time for a project's completion is driven by four key factors:  1) the complexity of the issues, 2) the methodologies selected to address the specific challenges, 3) the client’s time frame for change, and 4) our own intense internal process.  Please note that projects with particularly tight timelines are typically more expensive, not less expensive.


We realize that we may not be the right firm for projects that demand the simplest path at the lowest price.  We look forward to working with clients seeking an entirely different level of insight that allows them to navigate the toughest challenges and biggest opportunities ahead.  We wake up every morning anxious to wrestle with those issues.