Python Data Engineer at StratoDem Analytics


Boston, Albany, Providence - Full Time


StratoDem Analytics is currently seeking a Python Data Engineer who will contribute from Day 1 to build data analytics pipelines, scalable Python-based APIs, and new data products for the real estate field.



- Designing and developing as a team contributor to StratoDem Analytics products and client deliveries 
- Efficiently bringing ideas from concept to production via sketches and diagrams 
- Building within, and improving, the StratoDem Analytics analytics pipeline 
- Writing clean, fully-tested and well-documented code in Python 3.5+ with pandas, NumPy, Dask, TensorFlow, scikit-learn and Django 
- Leveraging pre-existing internal and external code to deliver different products each month (e.g. one month may be a mapping dashboard, the next may be a portfolio analysis engine) 
- Working directly with company founders on model building, database design and deployment strategies 
- Working directly with clients to identify pain points and opportunities in pre-existing analytics pipelines and build or improve StratoDem Analytics products


For this role, candidates must be uniquely focused on error-free, optimized algorithm design through a fast, iterative development and research cycle. Because clients typically make portfolio-altering decisions based on StratoDem Analytics deliveries, a strong background in producing bug-free, concise, scalable code that fits into a large ecosystem is required. The ideal candidate for this role has strong Python expertise and experience with the following:

- Python server-side frameworks such as Django or Flask 
- Complex modeling of large, unclean data sets with the Python data science stack of pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn, Dask and TensorFlow 
- Advanced SQL queries and relational databases 
- Advanced usage of spatial database engines such as PostGIS 
- Writing testable, component-based code and writing tests with complete logical coverage of code 
- Git and GitHub workflows in a team environment


In addition, the following experience is a big plus: 
- Advanced financial statistics and probability 
- GIS software and algorithms 
- AWS 
- Significant Linux experience


Source code samples (preferably a link to a GitHub account) required. MA, MS or equivalent work experience preferred. To apply, send cover note, resume and ideally a link to a GitHub account to