Front-End Developer at StratoDem Analytics


Boston, Providence, Albany ยท Full Time 


StratoDem Analytics is currently seeking a Front-End Developer who will contribute from Day 1 to build data visualization dashboards, front-end analytics products, and user interfaces on high-value projects.


- Designing and developing as a team contributor to StratoDem Analytics products and client deliveries 
- Efficiently bringing ideas from concept to production via sketches and wire frames 
- Building within, and improving, the StratoDem Analytics visual style guide 
- Writing clean, fully-tested and well-documented code in ES6+ with Flow type hinting 
- Leveraging pre-existing internal and external code to deliver different products each month (e.g., one month may be a mapping dashboard, the next may be a portfolio analysis engine) 
- Working directly with company founders on product design and development 
- Working directly with clients to identify pain points and opportunities in pre-existing analytics pipelines, and build or improve StratoDem Analytics products


For this role, candidates must be uniquely focused on simplicity and quality of design, both for the StratoDem Analytics codebase and client-facing products. Because clients typically make portfolio-altering decisions based on StratoDem Analytics deliveries, a strong background in producing bug-free, concise, scalable code that fits into a large ecosystem is required.

The ideal candidate for this role has solid JavaScript proficiency, and experience with the following: 
- JavaScript client-side frameworks such as React or Vue 
- Front-end web development (HTML and CSS/SASS/SCSS) 
- Bundling/shipping complex applications with bundlers such as Webpack or Rollup 
- Writing testable, component-based code and writing tests with complete logical coverage of code 
- Git and GitHub workflows in a team environment 
- Advanced SQL queries and relational databases

In addition, the following experience is a big plus: 
- d3.js or Leaflet visualization 
- Material Design 
- AWS 
- Significant Linux experience

Source code samples (preferably a link to a GitHub account) required. BA, BS, or equivalent work experience preferred. To apply, send cover note, resume and ideally a link to a GitHub account to